Had enough of politics and hidden agendas stopping your organisation achieve greatness?
Do you want to stop your people complaining and create massively high performing teams?

Do want to have more time and have to spend less time managing people?
Every organisation has a culture. Whether it’s explicitly articulated or organically develops over time, every organisation has a set of rules and values that influence and define the way people behave. It affects every part of your company, from the meetings to the decor, from the people you hire to the profits you make.


If you want running your team or your organisation to be easier with fewer politics and no hidden agendas then you need to get your culture in order and this book could just save your organisation!

Too Busy?

How to stop fire fighting, get more free time and stop being a slave to your business.

So, you’re an entrepreneur. You’ve spent the last few years of your life building your business. You’ve sacrificed. Lots. You’ve poured your heart and soul into something you are proud of. Well done. You rock! You’ve created something other people look at and think wow! The trouble is you can’t enjoy it because you’re too busy. You want to run your business, not have your business run you.


No More Fear

Everyone has dreams, creativity, underused talent, unfulfilled potential beyond that which can be seen. You have life busting inside of you to get out. You have things on your heart to do, that you wish you had the time or resources to do. But you’re too busy. Or it’s not the right time. Or you sacred. What happens if you fail?

It’s time to end that fear. It’s time to dream big and act! It’s time to step up, step out and be the best YOU you can be.

We all have a passion and a purpose in life. You know, the work that we do that energises us; the things we can spend hours on and it feels like minutes; work that has us in the zone, in the flow, in our sweet spot. Work that we wish we could do forever. Our calling if you will. A riaison d’etre. Something that gets you out of bed with a spring in your step and a smile on your face!

Let’s do that every day! Let’s stopping dreaming and start living the dream!

Unfortunately, from a young age we are conditioned to constrain ourselves; to limit our dreams; to protect ourselves from failure; to confine our dreams to only that which we can see is possible. Our parents do it to protect us. The education system does it to conform us. Our friends do it so they don’t have to compare themselves to us, the world changers. From every side we are told to dream small, aim low, live the mediocre life. Well, I say no more!


Now is the time to cast off mediocrity. To dream big! To aim high! To step out, step up and be the very best you can be! This book is the catalyst! A manifesto for life.