From interesting idea to standing ovation.

Even before you walk on stage keep the audience in the palm of your hand.

Benjamin works to truly understand not only your audience and subject matter but also your individual style and personality to help you craft and deliver with exceptional presentation skills.  A presentation that flows and is fun to present.  A presentation that showcases the best of you and one you’ll love to deliver.

With over 20 years experience in theatre productions from directing to writing to performing, Benjamin can help you design a sensational experience for even the toughest audience, that will have them enraptured from start to finish.

Supercharge your presentation.

Benjamin also provides a full service for your event from speech design, to copy writing, to slide deck creation and presentation rehearsal feedback. You just need to practice, deliver and wait for your applause. Check out the full speech writing service for more information.


Speak with confidence, overcome nerves and make an impact.

Covering all the ingredients of a great presentation: audience analysis, content structure, designing supporting collateral, presentation mechanics, use of voice and body language, overcoming nerves, speaking without notes, handling questions and answers, dealing with tough situations.



your audience.

Outstanding presentations start with really understanding who you’re talking to so  you can build your presentation to meet THEIR needs and outcomes.


your presentation.

Designing the perfect structure to deliver your message to your audience will keep them hanging on your every word and make sure they remember your take aways.


your content.

Finding the ideal stories, illustrations and research to drive home your points will elevate you from presenter to knowledgeable subject matter expert.


your delivery.

Standing up and delivering is the part that everyone worries about, but there are simple ways to craft your stage presence and your execution for maximum impact and minimum nerves.


your collateral.

A consistent message is key.  It’s more than words and your delivery that impact the audience, it’s everything from the way you’re dressed to the design of your slide deck.


your off-stage.

Connecting with your audience before you get on stage and after you’re done will  also help to engage and affect how they relate to your message.

Standard Price

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£ 319 incl VAT

  • One day in-person training.
  • 23rd or 25th June 2021.
  • Learn the skills.
  • Design and perfect YOUR presentation.

Fast Mover Discount

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£ 159 incl VAT

  • One day in-person training.
  • 23rd or 25th June 2021.
  • Learn the skills.
  • Design and perfect YOUR presentation.

Let’s make it happen. Book yourself a free consultation call and whether you use Benjamin or not you’ll get loads of ideas for free for your speech.